I decided To Get Up & Get It!!

Evolving 🌎❤️

So I decided to get up and do what is right for me. Turn my day into a super day and accomplish as many things that I haven’t had made time to do. The best part about “Getting Up”, is the reward that you are building towards your goal. Everything that we do is towards the next goal no matter how you do it or how long you take. See, I took so much time to stay in my head that everything literally stop for me. There was no aligning anything because, yes, I stopped doing. I was just still in my head. Filled with thought is denial and fear.

So, today I chose to Begin my moving journey and “Get Up” and get back into things, weather I felt like doing my task or not. For many who is new to my blog, I am a mother of five children and I really do the work myself as a single mother. I am the commitment to my team and having this new outlook on “Getting Up”, and Just Doing it will continue to provide and protect not only my children but myself as well through my upcoming journey.

Wherever I left off, will continue to move forward when I proceed my paths. Time is a big deal and you can take so much time out from moving forward, that you may miss opportunities and chances Within the route of your journey. I notice all these amazing life lessons and I see my train is attending and I have to take it this time. Meaning we all may miss our train due to the illusionary life tactics we face daily. Weather it’s because we are ego tripping, relationship bonding, being in denial, or whatever it is, it will distract you and you will miss your train. Now, don’t worry the train always comes, but you will just have to wait longer for it.


Why let anything in life hold you back from you doing what is best for you. When you go through life with your deep intentions and life daily lessons as your guide you walk the right path on your journey. We are all Gods and we know when we should move forward and we know when it’s not time to. We know really everything but we get daily distractions that will throw our minds off our quest. But that is another blog topic that I will discuss on another vibing time.

It’s best we do what is best for us, and don’t let anyone that we feel can’t evolve with us, keep us from growing. May a job that doesn’t appreciate your time and work commitment, not keep you from your dreams to help others with your talents. You may have waited long and didn’t take that opportunity that would of change your life. No worries there is always a new opportunity for you no matter how long you wait. Just know when you catch your train, make sure you never look back. Look forward for the new opportunity that you would now partake in and conquer.

Get Up and Get It!!!👌🏾

I Am My Own Creator and I will decide how I want my next chapter to be written through. Your time is now and every moment is a push for the next step.

What Good Food Looks Like

I like to eat many meatless dishes and obtain the great protein that it has. The food taste so much richer and the  textures gives it more of an hype to the flavors. You can really create exotic dishes with the many healthy foods out there and still stay in budget.

I shop at many places that carry a lot of natural foods that is under the budget. I can spend much less purchasing a bag of potatoes, lettuce, avacado, quinoa, bag of broccoli, and coconut oil for all under $20. It is really all in how you shop.

I come from a Spanish culture where many dishes are vibrant and adding meat is just extra. I enjoy tweaking my dishes. ⭐Please follow me for more dishes to try and how to shop under a budget at your favorite grocery store.

Growing With Love Daily

June 2021
June / 2021

Still the growth continues and gracefully it has been growing strong. Everyday I enter the kitchen and greet my plant with TLC before starting my day. My Jazz music is the touch that I persue when my tea is prepping on the hot stove. These are my daily routines that enhances my mornings and replenishes my energy.

I am very proud to see the daily growth and be a huge part of its process in forming abundance by giving my plant nutrients through food and good energy. I will continue my plant journey so, please follow for update.

Growing With Love Continues…

The continuing growth of a small plant has been growing nonstop since it was planted. We as family at home has been showing it love and sharing daily affirmations with it. I know soon I will have to place it in a bigger container. I hope you enjoy the photos of our home plant growing through the weeks. ❤🌾🌱🥀☀️🌧🌛

Growing With Love

My youngest son came home from school with a small plant that was so small, I had to make a small hole in the middle of the jar to place it in. I took pictures of the plant’s daily growth and so far, this growth gallery shows three days of improvement. Unbelievable how strong the plant feels. The stem is filled with strength and good energy from who it was given from and who it was given to.

My son was not aware of the growth activity, until I showed it to him. His dimples sunked in his face and he was super excited to see his baby plant’s results. I will keep giving it great energy and continue to update you all with the progress. 🌱🌼🥀