Growing With Love Daily

June 2021
June / 2021

Still the growth continues and gracefully it has been growing strong. Everyday I enter the kitchen and greet my plant with TLC before starting my day. My Jazz music is the touch that I persue when my tea is prepping on the hot stove. These are my daily routines that enhances my mornings and replenishes my energy.

I am very proud to see the daily growth and be a huge part of its process in forming abundance by giving my plant nutrients through food and good energy. I will continue my plant journey so, please follow for update.

Growing With Love Continues…

The continuing growth of a small plant has been growing nonstop since it was planted. We as family at home has been showing it love and sharing daily affirmations with it. I know soon I will have to place it in a bigger container. I hope you enjoy the photos of our home plant growing through the weeks. ❤🌾🌱🥀☀️🌧🌛

Growing With Love

My youngest son came home from school with a small plant that was so small, I had to make a small hole in the middle of the jar to place it in. I took pictures of the plant’s daily growth and so far, this growth gallery shows three days of improvement. Unbelievable how strong the plant feels. The stem is filled with strength and good energy from who it was given from and who it was given to.

My son was not aware of the growth activity, until I showed it to him. His dimples sunked in his face and he was super excited to see his baby plant’s results. I will keep giving it great energy and continue to update you all with the progress. 🌱🌼🥀

The Beauty Of Change

Nothing stays the same/ That’s the beauty of change

Self evolvement seeks me/ A journey that we call, “the process”, has strengthen me

Transformation through endless seasons has enhanced me

Nothing stays the same, and that’s the beauty of change

Uplift your minds through the sunshine/ Smile through life and with yourself be kind

Nature talks through long walks, Seek the moment through inner talks,

I am uplifted through countless storms/ countless times/ through countless forms

Seeking self within myself/ Uprising through, I am now reborn

Nothing stays the same/ That’s the beauty of change

Elevated minds create spiritual shrines/ The goddess in me is free

Liberated to be celebrated/ Self love has conquered me

I am time/ The changes that mold me/ The creator , The manifesto, The untold story

Walking feet through empty streets/ My journey is my testimony

Nothing stays the same, and that’s the beauty of change


Written by Julie Carrasquilla



Shout to all the Black Women who rose above it all/ Shout out to all the Black Women who rised up after a fall/ In a world filled with choas and racket balls/ Lifted voices through echoed halls/ Shout through their hearts like rhythm calls/ Gracious hearts stand on many parts/ Like abuse in a ring with fighting darts/ Aiming targets that aim for your heart/ Shots fired for the most part/ Time heals pain/ Energy is lifted through veins/ Tears defeat the shame/ Rooted shadow work of pain, has now changed the game/ Awaken minds of brainwashed ties / Tell me what’s my vision…lies/ Domestic violence, hearing sirens, living in silence/ Inside our soul we are slowly dying/ Through closed doors we are steady hiding/ Help Us WE Dying/ Our husbands, fathers, and brothers are dying/ In the streets, our black women is crying/ The mental health cases in our communities is flying/ Double minority cant get the best part of me/ A Black woman struggle, her story will tell/ From being bullied in our schools to being locked in a cell/ “You say throw our sistahs in jail?!!”/ A melanin glow that is so great, becomes a threat/ Their best mistake, yet/ Say that again my Sistah, “IM GREAT!!”/ I know my worth/ that’s why they try to treat us like dirt…smirk/ We will prevail…sail/ Power of a high value and soulful tales/ Too long have we been down/ It’s time for us to hold on tight and adjust our crowns/ Though we struggle; we will be great/ African American women are succeeding at a phenomenal rate/ Now, that’s a phenomenal case/ It stands first place/ Black women coming to take everything that’s at stake /We will make it/ Now that’s a message to take.

Written by, Julie Carrasquilla ⚘

Your Body Is Your Ultimate Guide


Do you ever get nervous when approaching a bad situation or maybe a feeling of relief after being freed from a bad situation? The body does not lie. I feel that the body tells you the truth through the feelings we get and body reactions we receive. You may get a weird feeling when approaching a creepy house or a funeral from a close friend or family member. It’s the signs that the body gives to let us know what’s going on or what to expect.

You can get your body to adapt to just about anything and the green light is yours. Remember we are creators and we have the ability to conquer anything we put our minds to… That is power.  For a women’s aspect, we are phenomenal in anything we touch. So being obsessed with a task is what helps the body conquer and create growth. Yes, you want to grow through these signs that the body gives and understand what the message is. When you are hanging out with a friend that may have a bad reputation, you may feel a lot of body reactions. That is signs from the body that that person has bad energy. You need to follow that and let that person go. Your body is telling you that this person is not for you and you can end up in a bad situation.


Now, I am a spiritual person and I know that the body is made to protect the soul. This protected soul is guided through life in an armor called a body.  You have to accept what the body is telling you and grow from it. We travel life and come encounter with many situations and unexpected obstacles. It is our duty to know how to handle it through the signs of the body. Now there are some times that you may still be uncertain at a situation and your body may give a reaction you can’t really figure out. Well, that’s the beauty of the eyes, my dear. What do you see? and that shall put two and two together in understanding what is going on.




Today is a special day for me and I celebrate today with much joy and thankfulness. I am learning every day about myself and I am very eager to put my creativity to work. Being a blogger has given me a place to express my voice and seek other voices through this amazing writing platform. I seek new adventures this year and having to make difficult decisions along the way. I know in life things are not easily given and working hard for your happiness is the key. With hard work comes obstacles and time-sensitive decisions. I am a creator of my life and through those decisions and outlook views, I am looking forward to progressing right through it all.

“I am a feminist, and what that means to me is much the same as the meaning of the fact that I am Black; it means that I must undertake to love myself and to respect myself as though my very life depends upon self-love and self-respect.”
– June Jordan!


I sat back for two hours straight or more watching African American women being prosecuted for abuse. I have seen mothers accused of killing their own children and being targeted as animals. Yes, the crimes were horrific and unbearable to watch, but I proceeded. I began to see a trend as I listen to all the cases and stories of each individual. All the women had issues in their lives with mental health and not having the help needed when they were suffering in silence. Mental health awareness should be taken seriously.

African American women are known to be strong and courageous. So looking for help is really not typical for Black women. When Black women think of receiving help it becomes a sign of weakness. Strength, struggle, and abuse are areas that African American women endure daily. Black women are to be the “strong ones” that care for their family and communities. Now with myself for example, in my life needing help for domestic violence and support, it was limited for me due to the fact that I was living in the low-income bracket. The difference in support for white females and black females is a huge eye-opener. I see women from other cultures mainly white females get therapy and counseling for just about anything. But what about the Black women that witness their sister or brother killed or even growing up in an unstable home with violence, where are the counseling and therapy for that?

So, now we are unable to really receive the help and support we need so, we have turned away and have to seek help within ourselves, the best way we feel fit. But that is a problem that creates more problems. I see women in court having cases pertaining to killing their children or caught up with a dead-end man that has beaten and manipulated them. The horror cases are multiplying and the stories of these women are all too similar in defining mental health issues. In many households being quiet and keeping how you felt ( to be a weakness) was how African American households lived. To grow up in that environment of unable to express your troubles and concerns is a huge problem that has created dysfunctional mental issues. Adapting to the life of prejudice and greed will throw the African American race in a spiral and create doubts and fears in society.

Mental health in black communities is rising and still being ignored. It sickens me that the system is set up to create a genocide. Now it’s the time to Speak out and express how we feel unapologetically. The world is a place where you create possibilities no matter what the situation is. This is why I decided to write a book about Black Women and Abuse, which is also the title of the book. I want this to be a matter that is brought to people’s attention and may the right eye catch it to simply just make a change in the areas that keep Black women at their lowest. Many don’t know what is being done right in front of them and some are aware and just keep silent. It is killing us! I have managed to do massive research on this issue on abuse and Black women and seeing numbers of percentages and legit statistics throws me in complete shock. I hope my book will give the information, resources, and most importantly meaning to the Cause of Black women and mental health.

We as Black women we can not go on suffering in silence/ We must continue to uplift eachother and empower one another through the imprisonment of domestic violence/ Misunderstood there’s no fight for justice/ Labels of insults and false perceptions/ Now we are left for dead/ How devastating / With a helpless nation/ Prejudice lies within the eyes of the American ties/ But no, not I/ Brainwashed news and stereotype lies/ Learn and Grow through righteous eyes/ Become that woman and embrace your inner strength/ Intimated fools that flourish from our expense/ We ARE superior/ It’s the glow of our pigmentation/ Fierce melanin/ A phenomenal creation / Growth of my kinks/ Cocoa to my skin/ It’s my divine essence / Oh, how captivating/ I move so tuned, to my own vibrations/  Black women rise up, it’s a standing ovation/ We are the targets/ We are the nation/  It’s about our magic and our civilization/  Value yourself and nurture your soul/ We are the queens/ So, be persistent and take control/  Flourish your self worth/ For, Our magic is bold/  Our magic is known/ Embracing our abuse/ Our magic written in stone.